First Dimensions Render

Work In Progress

Having set up the model in Cinema 4D, baked down the sculpt a bit with the new Volume tools in R20 and create some automatic UV's. After which I did a quick Substance Painter texture bake and imported the mesh and textures in Dimensions.

Seems to work quite well this workflow, and as I'm using sculpted meshes, I won't really miss the displacements.

Default Dimension Render:
Build-in VRay Render:

Further Dimensions Testing: 

Made a quick sculpt in Cinema 4D, pulled it through Painter and tested it out in Dimensions.

This is the Default Render, and the Build-in VRay.

Personally, I think the VRay looks a bit harsher.

Tomorrow I will block out the scene with the rough models, so I can work on the detail sculpting and texturing from Monday till the deadline.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)