Rebelway - Intro in FX - Week 2

General / 20 March 2018

So the second week of the Rebelway course started out a bit rough, seeing it focused on VEX coding and some basic vector Math.

Two things that aren't my strong point, but going over them and reading up on the basis behind it helps me out quite a bit and in the end, I do understand the inner workings now.

The week was focused on a couple techniques, the first one using a geo and emitting and directing the emissions with curves.
And even more handy, using noise based effects for the emission.

The second effect was focussed on the shortest path function, which is a great handy tool to create organic growth curves over a geometry. The example showed it in a 2D version and I would love to use it on a 3D object for a nerve system type of growth.

The portal FX I haven't had a chance to really play with yet besides the classes, so this is something I will do in this week, seeing the classes build upon the example and add some smoke FX to it.

Then we got working on an effect that was based around a meteor-like impact and the layered effects coming from that.

My setup is quite simple, using a pop emitter to emit magical drops that on impact create a collision and from that spawn clones with randomized values to emit more particles. Underneath that there is also the growth pattern to releasing another layer of FX.