Continuum Discovery Museum

For the Continuum Discovery Museum I created a dome projection animation about the ISS space station and our planet.
With this short film, Mitsi was responsible for the 3D animated space shots at the insane resolution of 8000*8000 pixels. This work was made possible with the direction of Dugour productions.

Roles: Animation, Texturing, Look Development and Rendering.
Agency: Tungsten
Client: Continuum
Link: Columbus Earth Theater

Space Station

Sun Screen

Coen brasser astronaut 04
Coen brasser astronaut 01
Coen brasser astronaut 02
Coen brasser astronaut 03
Coen brasser sc05 4k 512 0 00 04 20
Coen brasser astro 0 00 01 06
Coen brasser astronaut 08