Music Video

Shinai by Curbi

For this project I was asked to make a new music video where the Curbi character transform during the video into a new, more menacing looking fighter.


Rotterdam Triathlon

For the World Championships Triathlon in Rotterdam there needed to be a course animation to show the different routes that could be taking for all the disciplines.



When discovering new tools it is always fun to make small series from it. In these series, I was discovering the possibilities of working with X-Particles.


F12 Reveal

An RnD project into a cloth based car reveals the cloth is slowly activated through a python based script setup.


Airborne Launch

A new animation explaining Airbornes new business proposal for the one web movement that will bring internet to the continent of Africa.


Dinner In Motion

15 fully immersive scenes, with wall and table projections for a dining experience. Every scene had full CG intro transitions, loop holds and outro transitions to last for the full two and a half hours of this 9-course dinner.



For this self-initiated project, I took a step into Realflow to create some swell liquid animations.



Research into procedural vine growth on typography.


Continuum Discovery Museum

For the Museum I created a dome projection animation about the ISS space station and our planet.


Airborne Cell

I had the opportunity to visualize the new and improved production processes of Airborne and showcase them in this Animation.

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